Effective Member Communications

Operations uses various forms of communication to make sure that Clearing Members receive accurate and up-to-date information. These forms of communication include:

Notices to Members

A Notice to Members (NTM) provides information on matters that may impact investors.

Occasionally, CDCC and MX prepare a Joint Notice. This occurs when a matter affects both trade operations and back offices. An example of this is a corporate action that causes an adjustment in contract terms. The Joint Notice results in the CDCC issuing an NTM, and in the MX issuing a Circular. This cooperation between CDCC and MX ensures the communication of accurate and consistent messages.

Clearing Members receive Notices to Members by e-mail. Operations also post these notices on the Clearing Members Extranet and on the CDCC website.

Operational Notices

An Operational Notice provides information on matters that may impact a Clearing Member's back office. For example, Operations will issue an Operational Notice to inform Clearing Members of a production schedule or a process change.

Clearing Members receive Operational Notices by e-mail. Operations also post these notices on the Clearing Members Extranet.

Clearing Members Extranet

The Clearing Members Extranet is a secure website containing key information and resources, which are necessary for the smooth operation of a Clearing Member's back office. Key information includes:

  • Notices to Members
  • Operational Notices
  • CDCC Rules - Notices of Amendment
  • Operations Manual - Notices of Amendment

The Clearing Members Extranet also provides a series of forms that Clearing Members can use as part of their contingency planning if they lose access to the client portion of the CDCC Clearing Application.

Users Groups

CDCC holds quarterly meetings for Exchange-Traded and Fixed Income members to keep Clearing Members abreast of developments and issues that may impact them. These meetings also provide a good opportunity for Clearing Members to share and discuss ideas with CDCC personnel and other Clearing Members.


CDCC sends all critical information to its Clearing Members by e-mail.

Depending on the nature of the inquiry, Clearing Members may also communicate with the CDCC via the following email channels:

  • CDCC Corporate Operations - North America Hours: Queries of an operational nature can be sent to the CDCC Corporate Operations team at CDCC-OPS@tmx.com.
  • CDCC Corporate Operations - Extended Hours (Sunday to Thursday - 9 pm to 6 am est): Queries of an operational nature can be sent to the CDCC Corporate Operations team at cdcc-extendedhours-ops@tmx.com.

Telephone Number for Inquiries

The primary focus of the Operations staff is to provide support to CDCC Clearing Members. Our Operations representatives are available to answer Clearing Members' questions or to assist them on business days, from 7:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. (ET) and on Expiry Friday until after the completion of the expiry process. Clearing Members can call our Toronto representatives at 416-367-2470, or our Montréal representatives at 514-871-3545.

CDCC Website

The CDCC website provides Clearing Members with valuable, relevant, and timely information about CDCC's services, clearing and settlement processes, and membership requirements. CDCC's website also contains downloadable SPAN® files and documents as well as hyperlinks to third party sites.